Hack Facebook 2017 - Frequently Asked Questions

Is ihackfb.net real or a fake scam?

Our online Facebook account hack is real and enjoyed by hundreds of people each week. We are not some kind of fake scam site. We are the only legitimate online Facebook hacking service that is available to the public.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our services are totally free, all you have to do is invite 5 different people. After you invite 5 more people to our site, you will be able to save the password, that is the original password which is currently used by the target person. We retrieve that password from Facebook's server, and we DO NOT change the password. And since we hack it from Facebook's servers, the target does not know about the hacking process.

If I use your service, can Facebook know that im trying to hak the password or not?

Don't worry about Facebook's security, because you don't hack the password directly on Facebook's server. Our system does everything for you. You just connect to our website, invite 5 more people to unlock the service, click on Hack Online, type your TARGET and press Hack it, after the hacking is done, if the account is succesfully hacked a button called SAVE PASSWORD will aprear, click the button to save your target's password.

I don't have the email address connected to the Facebook Account

You can use our system to hack Facebook accounts without knowing the email address linked to the Facebook account. You just need to find the target person Facebook ID number or Facebook Username. Our system will then hack the account and retrieve the password for you. At the end of the hacking process, our system will provide the login info for the involved Facebook account. It means, once you have hacked the Facebook account with Facebook ID, you will know the email address connected to the Facebook account, and also you will get the password. You can then login to the Facebook account as the original account owner, without problem.

Would the target person know when i log into her/his facebook account?

Yes, there is a chance for the target person to know you have logged into her/his Facebook account, eg. you two both log into 2 different PC in the same time or her/his PC + iPhone keep logged in then you log into the different PC and logged out afterward. But, dont worry! We could help you. We can connect to the Facebook server and then disable the security section on the account you want to hack, so no notification about different log in session will be sent to the target person's email address. (S)he will never realize that her/his account has been hacked! In brief, you can login to the Facebook account in the same time with the account owner without hassle.Use the Contact Us page to contact us.

How does your system work?

Our system needs to know the account you want to hack. Go to Hack Account, read the instructions,then type your TARGET's facebook username. Once you provide the required info, our hacking system will connect to the appropriate servers which are currently hosting that account. ie if you want to hack a Facebook account, please provide the email address linked to that Facebook account (which is actually the login username of the Facebook account). Our hacking system will then connect to the Facebook servers to find where is located the account you want to hack. Next, our system will retrieve the password stored in the Facebook's user database for you. We just hack the account, we dont change the password. The whole hacking process is complex and we don't want to bother you with the details. After few minutes, at the end of the hacking process, after our system gets the password from facebook's database and decrypt's it, GET PASSWORD button will apear, by clicking it you will get a readable password in plain text. Once you get the decrypted password, you can login to the hacked account without hassle.

How do you hack Facebook Accounts?

We have two former developers who participated in the maintenance of Facebook's database servers, our two former developers build this web based facebook hacking system. How did they do it? It's totally a top secret! But, we are willing to share this secret for a reasonable price. If you want to purchase our hacking technology and create a similar website and provide a similar hacking service, please contact us.





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